Souper-Beef Soup with Tomato Onion and Potatoes


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Highlight :
  • Adopt fresh farm tomatoes; the vitamin A in the tomatoes can effectively prevent dry eyes and keep eyes moist.
  • Select superior beef shank. The mixture of them is sweet and first-rate.
  • It can be combined with macaroni, rice noodles and other ingredients, and it can create a healthy recipe within five minutes which is popular with children. It can also be used as a hot pot soup base.
  • Functions: Improve immunity system and prevent colds
  • Features: low calorie, low sugar, low sodium, using superior beef shank, unique taste soup base, strong fragrance, and a sweet appetiser. It is loved by children and is one of the most popular and hot products.
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Ingredients :
Chciken Soup (Water, Chicken, Salt, Modified Starch(E1442)), Tomato, Potato, Beef, Onion

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