Souper-Cordyceps Flower Radix Pseudostellariae&Pork soup


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Highlight :
  • Specially selected original Australian and New Zealand fish maw, and the original Thai coconut is used as the base. It is slowly boiled to create a rich coconut flavour.
  • Simultaneously, it is matched with the tender and smooth original chicken spleen, which can add the layering of the soup base.
  • Functions: nourish yin and skin, relieve soreness of waist and knees, nourish postpartum
  • Features: Low sugar, low sodium, boiled with original Thai coconut water, original Australian and New Zealand fish maw and original chicken spleen, sipping coconut fragrance and collagen extract, one of the most popular and best-selling products
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Ingredients :
Chciken Soup (Water, Coconut Water, Chicken, Salt, Modified Starch(E1442)), Chicken, Fish Maw(Fish Product), Coconut Meat, Red Dates

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