Souper-Rice Bean Semen Coicis Soup with Pork Ribs


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Highlight :
  • Rice bean is a high fibre and low-fat food material, and its rich potassium can effectively improve the problem of oedema.
  • Matching with barley, which is rich in water-soluble fibre, not only helps detoxify and lax but also achieves double dampness and oedema effect.
  • The taste is strong but not greasy, and the fragrance is delicious. Its nutritional value is low in sugar and fat, suitable for everyone.
  • Functions: Reduce swelling and dampness, clear away heat and detoxify, help detoxify and lax
  • Features: low sugar, low fat, strong taste but not greasy, one of the most popular and best-selling products
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Ingredients :
Superior Soup (Water, Pork, Chicken, Salt, Modified Starch(E1442)), Pork Rib, Kudzu Root, Corn, Rice Bean, Semen Coicis

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