Souper-White Fungus Papaya Chicken Feet Soup


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Highlight :
  • U.S. Hawaiian papaya, which is known as the "superfood", is used as the main ingredient. Hawaiian papaya is not only sweet, fragrant and juicy, but the papaya meat has a unique floral fragrance. The taste and nutritional value far exceed ordinary papaya.
  • Vitamin K and carotene in papaya can effectively fight against ageing free radicals and have antioxidant effects. The vitamins A, C and carotene in papaya can help strengthen the immunity system, fight flu peaks and prevent pneumonia.
  • Matching with snow fungus, which is rich in gelatinous beauty ingredients, not only achieves the beauty effect but also keeps the skin smooth and elastic and reduces wrinkles. It is an exclusive private nourishing soup for ladies!
  • Functions: Nourishes the skin and lungs, relaxes bowels, and enhances immunity
  • Features: Low sugar, low sodium, zero trans fat, boiled with Hawaiian papaya, rich and moisturising. It is one of the most popular and best-selling products.
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Ingredients :
Chciken Soup (Water, Chicken Feet, White Fungus, Salt, Modified Starch(E1442)), Papaya, Chicken Feet, Pork, White Fungus, Peanuts, Black-Eyed Pea, Ginger Slices

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