Ausupreme Cranberry 30000mg (30 tablets)


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Highlight :
  • Function:
  • -Relieve the discomfort of sensitive part in women
  • -Anti-adhesion properties against harmful substances
  • -Alleviate discomforts when passing water
  • -Possesses antibacterial effect
  • -Strong antioxidant
  • -Maintain healthy gum and teeth
  • -Maintain stomach health
  • -Protect cardiovascular health
Origin :

Ingredients :
Cranberry whole fruit concentrate (37 times concentrated), soybean oil, gelatin, moisture retention agent (glycerin, 70% amorphous sorbitol), cranberry extract (500 times concentrated), emulsifier (lecithin) , food coloring (red iron oxide), polishing agent (yellow beeswax), pure water. This product contains soy and gluten and cereal products.

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