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HIBIKI Miyazaki Beef Curry

HIBIKI Miyazaki Beef Curry

HIBIKI Miyazaki

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Ingredients :
onion, carrot, lard, wheat flour,(cereal contain flour), beef, sugar, fruits paste(mango, apple), salt, curry powder, tomato paste, beef extract(including wheat and soy beans), tomato puree, chutneys (including apple), spy protein, edible plant fat and oil(including soy beans), vegetable paste(ginger, garlic),spice, onion powder, reduced starch syrup, yeeast extract, garlic powder (including soy beans)/color (E150a, cocoa), thickener(processed starch), flavor enhancer(E621, E627, E635, E639, derived wheat and soy beans), emulsifier(E472f,E322),flavor and flavoring, acidity regulator(E330)

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