Mr Noodle-Onions Mushroom Spice Taste Noodle

Mr Noodle-Onions Mushroom Spice Taste Noodle


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Mr Noodle Taiwanese Noodle
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  • Flour, water, salt, anhydrous sodium carbonate, soybean oil, spices (red onion, onion, garlic, white pepper), palm oil (completely oxidized palm oil, soy lecithin), salt, flavoring agent (amino acetic acid, DL- Aminopropionic acid, 5'-inosine nucleoside disodium phosphate, 5'-guanine nucleoside phosphate disodium), sucrose, shiitake mushrooms, soybeans, salt, wheat.
  • Nutritional label: Each serving (100g) contains 4.48 parts: 398 calories, 13.9g of protein, 13.3g of fat (2.4g of saturated fat, 0g of trans fatty acid) 55.7g of carbohydrate, 5g of sugar, 1150mg of sodium

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