Yuen Kut Lam's Kam Wo Tea (10 bags)

Yuen Kut Lam's Kam Wo Tea (10 bags)


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  • Clear heat, eliminate toxins and benefit the throat
  • Suitable for people concerned about cold fever, headache, joint pain, surfeit with food
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Ingredients :
Agastache rugosa, lotus leaf, cloth dregs leaf, licorice, parsnip, baicalin, gardenia, honeysuckle, pueraria, gerbera, kudzu root, Elsholtzia, bamboo leaves, artemisia annua, perilla leaves, perilla root, papaya, bitter almond, atractylodes, artemisia capillaris, mulberry leaf, Kuding tea, areca Nut, alisma, mint, forsythia, amomum, hawthorn, coptis chinensis

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