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Especially targeted for the urban people's health problems, we designed a series of Chinese herbal tea bags, caffeine free, suitable for all day to drink!

 Yue Hwa’s merchandising team visit to the origin to buy the authentic Chinese herbs, free of heavy metals and pesticide residues, a guarantee of quality.

 Each production quantity is limited, in order to keep the Chinese herbs fresh, and their functions will not deteriorate in the shelf life, 100% Made in Hong Kong.

The design concept of  “ Yummy Series”

Just put these Chinese tea bags in the hot water and cover with the lid for around 15 minutes, it is ready to serve. The Cantonese「焗住」means no choices, be forced, similar to those people working everyday. “Yum” means yummy, delicious, its homophonic to the Cantonese 「飲」, that means “drink”. We hope the people can drink something healthy at their workplace to get the balance of diet! And those funny Chinese Tea bags names would arouse the peoples’ empathy, to find the suitable types for themselves, colleagues and friends, prescribe the right kind of teas for their characteristics, make the encouragement!

The following 5 flavours have been launched:

Benefits: Rejuvenation

Effectiveness: Enhance liver function, nourish blood and stay calm.

Suitable For: Those who care for skin condition.

Benefits: Body Warming

Effectiveness: Improve blood circulation, replenish "Qi" and nourish blood.

Suitable For: Those that are easy to get cold hands and feet.

Benefits: Restoring & Refreshing

Effectiveness: Replenish "Qi" and nourish body.

Suitable For: Those that always suffer from fatigue.

Benefits: Pressure Relief and Soothing

Effectiveness: Relieve depression, stay calm and nourish blood.

Suitable For: Those who are often pressurized and need to relieve stress.

Benefits: Bedtime Relaxing

Effectiveness: Keep calm and improve sleeping quality.

Suitable For: Those who suffer from long-term insomnia.

The following 7 flavours will be coming soon:

  • Sharp Sight Tea

Benefits: Clear & Bright Vision

Effectiveness: Help staying conscious and focus.

Suitable For: Those who gaze to the mobiles and computers oftenly.

  • Sterilizing Tea

Benefits: Detoxification

Effectiveness: Cleansing heat and dampness, detoxing the liver.

Suitable For: Those who have alcohol frequently.

  • Digestive Tea

Benefits: Effective Digestion

Effectiveness: Enhance digestion and comfort stomach, soothe breathing and clear dampness.

Suitable For: Those who always feel uncomfortable after eating big meals.

  • Breeze Breath Tea

Benefits: Nasal Relief

Effectiveness: Soothe breathing and eliminate cold or flu, wind and heat inside the body.

Suitable For: Those who are nasal sensitive.

  • Trim Tea

Benefits: Effective Fat Losing

Effectiveness: Relieve constipation.

Suitable For: Those who have blood pressure/lipids/sugar problems.

  • Vocal Tea

Benefits: Appealing Voice

Effectiveness: Eliminate pulmonary (lung) heat, nourish throat and voice.

Suitable For: Those who often speak and cause hoarseness, voice losers.

  • Tough Tea

Benefits: Stay Strong & Healthy

Effectiveness: Improve joints flexibility.

Suitable For: Those who want to strengthen their bodies.


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