Ausupreme Coenzyme Q10(60 tablets)


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Highlight :
  • Function:
  • -Extend the life of heart
  • -Anti-aging
  • -Antioxidant
  • -Improve blood circulation
  • -Protect our teeth
  • -Improve freckles & reduce wrinkles
  • -Soften blood vessels
  • -Strenghten your heart, lung & blood vessels
  • -Enhance immunity
Origin :

Ingredients :
Soya Oil, Gelatin, Ubidecarenone( Coenzyme Q10), Gelling Agent (Glycerol), Purified Water, Emulsifier (Lecithin), Color (Iron Oxide Red), Thickener (Yellow Beeswax), Color (Titanium Dioxide). This product contains soyabean products.

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