Ausupreme Kangaroo Extract with Maca (60 tablets)


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Highlight :
  • Function:
  • -Strengthen bone and joints
  • -Nourish the kidneys
  • -Restore energy
  • -Improve male Function and vitality
  • -Increase male charm
  • -Release bursts of energy
  • -Reduce stress and weariness
Origin :

Ingredients :
10 times concentrated kangaroo meat powder (600 mg per capsule), hydrolyzed collagen, stabilizer (calcium hydrogen phosphate), pure water, anti-caking agent (magnesium stearate), carob powder, 50 times concentrated maca extract (4 mg per capsule), food coloring (titanium dioxide, tempting red), emulsifier (sodium lauryl sulfate), food coloring (quinoline yellow, bright blue)

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