Ausupreme Lung Detox (60 tablets)


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Highlight :
  • Function:
  • -Calms cough and soothes irritated throats
  • -Protects the lungs from smoking environment
  • -Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial effects
  • -Maintains immune function for lung health
Origin :

Ingredients :
Fritillaria Fructus (150 mg per capsule), stabilizer (calcium hydrogen phosphate), hydrolyzed collagen, eucalyptus leaf extract (100 mg per capsule), Echinacea rhizome extract (75 mg per capsule), olive leaves Extract (75 mg per capsule), Andrographis paniculata extract (50 mg each), Astragalus root extract (50 mg each), Western dandelion extract (50 mg per capsule), pure water, anti-caking agent (anhydrous Ceria colloid, magnesium stearate)

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