Ausupreme - Vitamin C Chewable Tablet 100's(5 Btl Set)


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Highlight :
  • Function:
  • -Enhance immunity
  • -Promote iron absorption
  • -Fade dark spots and freckles
  • -Aid in collagen synthesis
  • -Help cell renewal and wound healing
  • -Alleviate the symptoms of the cold
  • -Maintain strong teeth and bones
Origin :

Ingredients :
Sodium ascorbate (284.06 mg per capsule), ascorbic acid (250 mg per capsule), food coloring (iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow), anti-caking agent (anhydrous cerium oxide colloid), natural orange flavor, sweetener (three Sucralose), emulsifier (povidone), sweetener (sorbitol), Dietary Supplement (Tablet) (magnesium stearate)

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