Camel Cuppa28 Glass Vacuum Mug in Plastic Case 280ml(Light Purple)



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Highlight :
  • Camel brand glass liner insulation cup uses double-layer glass liner, which is suitable for cold (ice can be added, but put the drink first) and hot (soup, tea, coffee, traditional Chinese medicine).
  • Advantage:
  • Long-lasting insulation
  • It can hold tea, traditional Chinese medicine, coffee, etc. Because ordinary stainless steel thermos pots will make tea, coffee, etc. taste bad, and some of the traditional Chinese medicines are acidic, it is not suitable to use stainless steel thermos pots.
  • The glass liner thermos has a strong advantage, it will not change the taste, and you can safely put traditional Chinese medicine.
Origin :
Hong Kong
Material :
PP&ABS shell and cover; PP&ABS

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