CanBest Organic 4 Color Quinoa Flakes (White, Black, Golden & Red Color) (312G)


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This product contains 4 types of silkworm wheat; including organic white, black, red silkworm wheat and golden silkworm wheat. Its ratio is 2:1:1:1.

These 4 types and 4 colors of hemp provide more, better and balanced nutrition and minerals. Better than 3-color marijuana.

Organic & Gluten Free/Contains Essential Muscle Acids/Low Glycemic Index

This product contains more white quinoa, its mouth ratio is soft and easy to digest, suitable for people who are new to wheat.

Contains natural minerals, vitamins B and E/ super food and vegan food

The outer layer of the bitterness of the champignon has been removed

Comes pre-cleaned for easy cooking.

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Organic White, Black, Golden & Red quinoa.

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