CATALO Vegetarian Acid-Cleanse Formula 60 Capsules


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  • Promote healthy uric acid metabolism
  • Support normal uric acid levels
  • Ease stiff and swelling joints
  • Relieve joint pain
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Ingredients :
Proprietary Acid-Cleanse Formula (A proprietary blend of Patented Phytosome Phospholipid Complex of Bioavailable Grape Seed Procyanidins, Natural Grape Seed Extract, Natural Tart Cherry Extract (Standardized 2% Proanthocyanidins (PAC), Natural Hawthorn Leaf and Flower Extract, Natural Celery Seed Extract, Natural Alfalfa Extract). Other Ingredients: Plant Hypomellose (Water-soluble Vegetable Capsule), Bulking Agent (Plant Cellulose), Anticaking Agent (Plant Magnesium Stearate). Contains Soy.

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