KINTAIWU Kinmen Cream(50g)


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Highlight :
  • A recommended brand in Kinmen, the first choice among locals in Kinmen.
  • Kinmen deep muscle soothing and relaxing
  • Light cream texture, non-sticky and quickly absorbed, walking in the clouds
  • Suitable for work fatigue, exercise fatigue, housework fatigue, and prolonged standing and sitting
  • Add high content of Golden Gate root herbal formula
  • The essence of herbal secrets passed down for centuries
  • Stretch tightness, relax muscles, and eliminate fatigue
  • Suitable for daily fatigue such as housework fatigue, work fatigue, before and after exercise, shoulder and neck discomfort of mobile phone/computer users, etc.
  • Can be used on the whole body (hands, feet, shoulders, neck, waist, back, acupuncture points, joints)
Origin :

Ingredients :
KINTAIWU Kinme Extract, sandalwood essential oil, turmeric extract, cypress essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, cat's scratch vine, glycerin, glucosamine, purified water.

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