KINTAIWU Kinmen Spray(120ml)


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Highlight :
  • A recommended brand in Kinmen, the first choice among locals in Kinmen.
  • Muscle protection
  • Use before and after exercise to avoid sports injuries and maintain a healthy body.
  • Suitable for work fatigue, exercise fatigue, housework fatigue, and prolonged standing and sitting.
  • Add high content of Golden Gate root herbal formula
  • The essence of herbal secrets passed down for centuries Stretch tightness, relax muscles, and eliminate fatigue Suitable for daily fatigue before and after exercise, work fatigue, housework fatigue, shoulder and neck discomfort of mobile phone/computer users, etc. It can be used on the whole body (hands, feet, shoulders, neck, lower back, acupuncture points, joints) for various muscle discomfort problems.
Origin :

Ingredients :
KINTAIWU Kinme Extract, pure water, peppermint essential oil, eucalyptus essential oil, cypress essential oil, sandalwood essential oil, ginger extract, alcohol

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