Mini Bean Egg Yolk Shortcake (8 pcs)

Mini Bean Egg Yolk Shortcake (8 pcs)


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  • Brilliant golden temptation, salted egg yolk pickled in red clay blended with fresh cream and black bean paste, layers are crispy and moist.
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Flour (wheat), Wusha filling (pinto beans, maltose, sugar, red beans, soybean oil, butter (milk), trehalose, thickener (E1442 hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate), salt, black tea), salted egg yolk, Lard, sugar, rice wine, eggs, fresh cream (milk fat, milk solids, vegetable gum (E412 Guanhua soybean gum), emulsifier (E471 fatty acid glyceride, E433 polysorbate fatty acid ester 80), Viscosity (E415 Corn Gum, E407 Carrageenan)), Coloring Agent ((E124 Edible Red No. 6) (Red Chapter), (E132 Edible Blue No. 2) (Blue Chapter))

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