Mini Pineapple Shortcake  (8 pcs)

Mini Pineapple Shortcake (8 pcs)


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  • The annual brand spokesperson Feng Xiaoyue jointly researched and developed; the outer skin retains the traditional Chinese pastry production method, and the pastry production recipe is used to create 27 layers of pastry. The exclusive formula custard filling tastes smooth and soft, and the top Japanese Showa cake flour is added to enhance the softness and smoothness. The taste is frankincense, and the taste is refreshing and not sweet; with the salty egg yolk and the sweet and sour Tainan Guanmiao No. 17 Golden Diamond Pineapple Sauce, it makes the taste more refreshing and not greasy. It is for afternoon tea. Newly selected.
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Custard filling {yellow flavor filling (white phoenix beans, maltose, sugar, cream (milk), sweetener (E965 maltitol), maltodextrin, thickener (E407 carrageenan), vegetable gum (E410) Locust bean gum)), sugar, condensed milk, crushed egg yolks, eggs, cream (milk), milk, custard klimt powder (sugar, potato starch, thickener (E1414 acetylated distarch phosphate, E401 alginic acid) Sodium), whey protein (milk), hydrogenated coconut oil, flavor, coloring agent (E160a(i) β-carotene)), milk powder, maltodextrin, corn starch, flour (wheat), sweetener ( E420 D-sorbitol liquid 70%), natural food coloring (E164 yellow gardenia pigment), flavor, salt, thickener (E415 corn syrup)), flour (wheat), native pineapple nectar (pineapple, sugar, wheat Protodextrin, trehalose, palm oil, flavoring (E330 citric acid, E296 malic acid)), cream (milk), sugar, natural food coloring (E164 yellow gardenia coloring), coloring agent (E124 Edible Red No. 6 ) (Red Chapter), Coloring Agent (E132 Edible Blue No. 2) (Blue Chapter)

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