Premium Class Rattan Mat 36"X72"


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Highlight :
  • From the collection of raw materials to the completion of the product, there is little chemical pollution and it is a healthy and green product.
  • The use of rattan mats can help the body cool down, can reduce the time of using electric fans and air conditioners, it is environmentally friendly and energy saving.
  • When you are using it, you will feel cool, strong sweats absorption property, non-sticky to skin, breathable and skin-friendly; uneven surface has massage function, health care effect, especially suitable for young children, the elderly and people who are afraid of cold.
  • It has the characteristics of sturdiness and abrasion resistance. The longer it is used, the smoother and smoother the mat surface.
  • The rattan skin is not easy to break and has strong flexibility. A well-made rattan mat can be used for decades.
  • Characteristics of Indonesian rattan:
  • Indonesia is located in the equatorial tropical rainforest area. It has abundant sunshine and rain all year round, and the fertile volcanic ash soil makes its vines thick and full and well-proportioned, with good materials, easy to break, and strong flexibility.
  • Rattan mats can generally be divided into three grades: extra upper vine, upper vine, and middle vine, according to the quality of the vine. The vines are fine and even, the finish is smooth, shiny and bright.
  • A good quality rattan mat must go through eight processes such as selecting, peeling, combing and weaving.
  • The raw materials of rattan mats sold by Yue Hua come from natural and high-quality Indonesian rattan skins. They are green, environmentally friendly, hand-woven carefully, tough and smooth, tightly woven and durable.
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