Lotus Uric Acid Tea

Lotus Uric Acid Tea


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  • Cat's beard grass, scientific name fossil grass, also known as kidney tea. It is traditionally used to relieve joint problems, help excrete excess uric acid and toxins accumulated between joints and muscles, and prevent these uric acid and toxins from irritating the affected area, causing soreness and inflammation.
  • Cat's Whiskers Sour Tea is paired with high-quality herbal ingredients of yerba mate and Earl Gray black tea. It contains rich nutrition from nature and has an excellent taste. Cat's Whiskers is a plant. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that this grass has the effect of cooling and anti-inflammatory, and is beneficial to the kidneys. Therefore, it is most suitable for maintaining health and excreting uric acid.
  • Efficacy: Relieve constipation, promote digestion, purify kidneys, clear toxins, anti-inflammatory and sterilize, activate blood and regulate menstruation, soothe liver and regulate qi, improve skin texture, soften blood vessels, clear lungs and moisten dryness, delay aging
Origin :
Hong Kong

Ingredients :
Yerba Mate, Cat's Whiskers, Earl Gray Tea, Bergamot Oil, South African National Treasure Tea, Mulberry Leaf

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